Optimal Life Sports Program

This program targets the ACTIVE adult population who's activity level or return to sport is limited by dysfunction of the joints or muscles.  Mandy is a Certified Professional from the Titleist Performance Institute which allows her to examine and evaluate the necessary motions in a golf swing and create an individualized program specific to golf. 

  • Is pain limiting you from playing golf? 

  • Are you looking to improve your game? 

  • Has chronic injury been plaguing your tennis game? 

  • Are you a runner/swimmer and nagged by injuries caused by repetition?


This Program consists of:

  • Full 1-on-1 Evaluation to assess areas of limitation

  • Plan of Care that includes specific goals and treatment interventions

  • Specific sport/activity focus to return or improve the current level

  • All services can be performed in-home or on your "playground" 

Treatment interventions may include:

  • Manual Therapy to address joint and soft tissue restrictions

  • Stretching and strengthening of the specific muscle groups needed for optimal performance

  • Activity analysis 

  • Education on specific warm-up/cool down routines to help your performance and recovery

This is a Private Pay Service.  Please call to discuss with Physical Therapist