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Optimal Life Sports Program

This program targets the ACTIVE adult population who's activity level or return to sport is limited by dysfunction of the joints or muscles.  Both Mandy and Jordan have extensive experience in treating the active adult.  Mandy has taken advanced classes through the Titleist Performance Institute which allows her to examine and evaluate the necessary motions in a golf swing and create an individualized program specific to golf. 

  • Is pain limiting you from playing golf? 

  • Are you looking to improve your game? 

  • Has chronic injury been plaguing your tennis game? 

  • Are you a runner/swimmer and nagged by injuries caused by repetition?


This Program consists of:

  • Full 1-on-1 Evaluation to assess areas of limitation

  • Plan of Care that includes specific goals and treatment interventions

  • Specific sport/activity focus to return or improve the current level

  • All services can be performed in-home or on your "playground" 

Treatment interventions may include:

  • Manual Therapy to address joint and soft tissue restrictions

  • Stretching and strengthening of the specific muscle groups needed for optimal performance

  • Activity analysis 

  • Education on specific warm-up/cool down routines to help your performance and recovery


  • Jordan has experience with CrossFit athletes of all ages and experience in optimizing their form and muscle recovery to better perform at their highest level.   

This is a Private Pay Service.  Please call to discuss with Physical Therapist

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