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A La Carte Services

Virtual Postural Assessment
    Poor posture can lead to many problems in the body including: pain, injury to joints and muscles, poor self esteem, increased anxiety, mental cloudiness and difficulty breathing.  Schedule a Virtual Postural Assessment and identify the specific areas of the body that could be triggering your impairments.
    The posture assessment entails an evaluation of the posture based upon landmarks on the body looking for symmetry and alignment.  The goal is to identify muscle imbalances and body awareness to improve your physical health but also mental health.
            with explanation and handout

Postural Assessment and 6 week Posture Bootcamp

    Once the posture assessment is completed, a plan of action is needed to get the body back on track!
      This 6 week (in-person) program is designed to target areas of imbalance in the muscles and joints and instruct on improved movement patterns and positions.  It is guaranteed that is proven to get you sitting and standing with improved posture.  The program will include manual therapy treatments, stretching, education on breathing, optimal movement patterns to help create new habits. 
      Call today to ask more about the Posture Bootcamp.
                  $ 875 for 6 week program 

Manual Therapy/Medical Massage

Manual Therapy focuses on managing pain, improving circulation, relieving nerve compression and improving myofascial tightness by using massage and joint mobilization techniques.

When performed by a Physical Therapist, an assessment of joint mobility, posture, muscle strength and muscle length are all taken into consideration and treated appropriately by evidenced based practices.

The goal is to help your body move more efficiently.  Services are performed in the comfort of your home or business.

                    $100/50 min session

Assisted stretching

Assisted stretching is a service where a trained practitioner will position your body in various positions to optimize muscle length and improve joint mobility in ways that you are not able to perform on yourself.   The stretching program is specifically designed for your body and aims at increasing your flexibility, decreasing tension, preventing injury and improving range of motion.  

                   $45/30 min session

Personal Training/Wellness Program

   This program is designed for individuals that need someone to hold them accountable for their home exercises post discharge from skilled Physical Therapy or would like a trained professional to guide them through exercises that are safe for their body.  

                   $100/50-60 min session

                        *packages available


These services are cash-based.  

Packaged services for Manual Therapy and Wellness training are available:

  • 5 pack of 50-60 min:              $477 (10% savings!)

  • 10 pack of 50-60 min:            $875 (15% savings!)

*Packaged services must be used within 6 months of purchase.  Packaged visits are transferable. 

**All Al a Carte Services are subject to 6% KY Sales tax.

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